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...about mitigating risk and maximizing return.  Our intelligence and technical security experts apply a military-grade approach to protect against the complex threats that exist in today's digital business environment.  We offer accountability, integrity, responsibility, and loyal service to our client.  

21st century problems can’t be solved with yesterday’s solutions.
Complex issues require going beyond todays technologies and beliefs —
for your challenge to be solved, we have a network of progressive thinkers
who have proven an aptitude
for solving new and dynamic problems.

Filly Intelligence

Filly Intel is a cutting-edge team of intelligence professionals assisting the world’s leading companies in identifying and securing vulnerabilities in todays advanced business operating space. This highly specialized team has served in national positions that today bring a tremendous amount of expertise for the commercial industry's benefit. Filly Intel partners with clients to provide results-oriented problem solving and offers over two decades worth of experience solving complex security issues both domestic and internationally, and addressing a dynamic array of intelligence situations.  We are devoted to the growing threats towards private infrastructure that are continuously evolving, from technology to terrorism…Filly Intel stays ahead of the curve.

Security Capabilities:

Security Advisory for Technology and Integrated Networks

Security Program Strategy, Design, & Assessment

Harden Current IT Systems 

Technology Advisor & Testing

Pre-Deal Cyber Due Diligence

Specialized Security Configurations & Controls

Education, Training, & Simulation

FUSION Technology Capabilities:

Very High Resolution Micro-Sensor Design

Enhanced Data Collection & Near Real Time Delivery

Laser, HyperSpectral, and Thermal Sensors

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Program Development and Training

Beyond Light of Sight, Long Range Capabilities

Custom Data Links

Machine Learning / AI

Predictive Analytics for Data Production

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Filly Intel is a private technology and security firm that has been built upon the people, technologies, and best practices from the National Security Agency, U.S. Air Force Nuclear Security program, Defense Intelligence Agency, and DARPA.  We implement custom security services to protect integrated networks in the operational and physical environments. FUSION is a service of Filly Intel that designs and deploys micro-sensors and Unmanned Aerial Systems for enhanced data collection and provideds sophisticated data links allowing beyond line of sight operations capabilities. 

Filly Intel utilizes our deep understanding of global threats and criminal actors to deliver unmatched security services to our clients.  Our professional team brings best practices, developed from years of service to our country, amongst our nation’s most elite programs—many served as intelligence officers, nuclear security SME's, cyber operations, and other niche’ areas which required cutting edge leadership and methods to ensure safety and success of these critical defense programs. These talented military veterans are thorough in approach and highly detailed technical experts who are able to apply effective methodologies to  best protect business's and secure their digital vulnerbilities.  Filly Intelligence is in a unique position to understand, and educate, the challenges and threats facing today’s business leaders. Our inherent sense of service and commitment is at the core of Filly Intelligence professionals--we have our attention focused towards the continually changing business issues of our globalized world markets while maintaing awareness of our dynamic national security environment. We are poised as a company to rapidly innovate, adapt, and accelerate processes and technology in support of our client's security need.

The strength of Filly Intelligence LLC as a service provider is in our persistent commitment to security success. Filly Intelligence is focused on upholding the highest level of business ethics and integrity.  Our concern and attention for the excellent care of our professionals allows us to in turn provide the highest caliber support and services to our clients. Filly Intel is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (VOB) and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). 


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