“Military and intelligence operations taught us a complimentary way of solving problems and approaching challenges…
we are proven critical thinkers…
and that’s ultimately what we are required to do for the client”

About Filly Intellegence

Filly Intelligence (FI) LLC was founded in 2012 by former intelligence officer, finance executive, and Air Force veteran, Summer Worden.  Summer saw the value in blending intelligence methodologies into the business discipline to hedge and solve complex problems—Filly Intelligence accomplishes this by creating a team of highly talented personnel from the Intelligence Community (IC) and private industry sectors.  This is a unique group of consultants and subject matter experts who apply their special skills and unparalleled education and training to solve the most challenging business and national security issues faced today.  Filly Intel also serves as a U.S. government contractor and provides support and solutions to the intelligence community and defense organizations to improve business economics and security environments.  Each principle business professional of FI, possesses distinguished military service in top level intelligence disciplines or national priority special access programs; they have been hand-selected for their unique skills set and drive for excellence.  In addition to their prestigious service members within the company’s corporate structure FI continues to remain engaged with the Federal Government, Department of Defense by providing consulting services to senior government personnel and through the publication of articles in professional periodicals.

The company’s first priority is on always exceeding customer expectations by mitigating risk, maximizing return, and identifying or creating new value.







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