Filly Intel Leadership

Summer H. Worden
Founder & Chief Executive

Summer Worden

Areas of Expertise:

  • Counter-Intelligence, National Security
  • Operational Security Controls
  • Cyber-Security & Digital Forensics
  • Financial Intelligence Units, International Money Exchange, Bank Secrecy Act/AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • US Air Force Operational Development of Long-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for Collection Programs and Micro-Sensor Design  

Government and Private Sector:

  • Founder, Filly Intelligence
  • Director, Risk & Anti-Money Laundering, USAA Financial 
  • Regional Director, Risk & Business Development, Veracity Government Solutions
  • Operations & Collections Officer, National Security Agency & US Air Force Intelligence

Summer Worden is the founder and chief executive of Filly Intelligence LLC, a technology and security services firm focused on applying an intelligence-based approach to secure integrated network vulnerabilities using military-grade best practices. Their engineering service, Fusion, provides turn-key capabilities for enhanced data collection with their custom unmanned aerial systems combined with innovative designs of micro-sensor suites for high resolution collections.  Ms. Worden leverages her knowledge and experience as a 13-year veteran intelligence officer in both the U.S. Air Force and Intelligence Community (IC).  She was selected to lead one of the five operational teams for the National Security Agency (NSA), this position served at the heartbeat of our nation’s highest authority for national strategic intelligence; the operational team was a direct asset of the Director of NSA (DIRNSA).  Her teams’ mission delivered 24/7 national support for critical events and clandestine operations across the globe, the team was relied upon to guide input for the President’s Daily Intelligence Brief and assist DIRNSA to best manage global crisis events.     

Summer directed intelligence programs for the Joint Special Operations Command conducting combat missions in support of contingencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Broader intelligence work includes serving in Special Access Programs for nuclear security and terrorist finance tracking where she employed collaboration with the Department of Treasury, International Monetary Fund, and various IC agencies.  These efforts improved safeguards within our financial system to better combat against illicit use, rogue nations, terrorist facilitators, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), money laundering, and other national security threats.  She is a recognized leader within the GEOINT community for her integration efforts within the Air Force UAV program, and further developed best practices for collection capabilities.  Her UAV program planning and engagement methods led to optimal field utilization tactics for the exploitation of scientific sensors including lasers, hyperspectral, thermal, signals, and gravity. Summer’s expertise in intelligence at both the strategic and tactical levels has proven highly valuable for today’s client who requires a security program that provides maximum resiliency for their operations and technical systems. 

Ms. Worden’s executive career spans international finance, enterprise risk, security, and technology. As Director of Risk and AML at USAA Financial she headed the redesign and implementation of the corporate risk model. At the height of the banking industry’s critical review, she improved the risk and security programs to be in compliance with newly issued SEC regulations. Summer’s education accomplishments include the NSA Cryptologic School, she holds graduate degrees in Strategic Intelligence & Digital Forensics, and an M.B.A. from Rice University.  Summer currently serves on the Emerging Leaders Committee at the Baker Institute for Public Policy, a think tank led by former Secretary of State James A. Baker.  Ms. Worden sits as the newly elected President for the Port Blakely Company Family Council, a 150-year legacy and fifth generation family-owned international forestry and forest products company.  She shares her passion for inspiring youth through advocating various education programs which promote leadership development and STEM for K-12 graders.    


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