The web was not designed for defense—the advantage therefore goes to the attacker. The most sophisticated companies with the most sophisticated security technology are also cyber targets. 

Filly Intel knows the importance of taking a different approach and will offer unparalleled knowledge to integrate systems security.  We are ready to apply our operational expertise to protect your business, prevent revenue loss, and minimize overall risk through vulnerable information systems.

  • Work with corporate clients to design and implement first-class cyber intelligence functions and security threat operations
  • Optimize current functions and processes impacting security operation centers
  • Comprehensive Cyber Security and Threat Reduction
  • Incidence Response Plans
  • Training & Education

Filly Intel is well-positioned to design realistic, practical solutions to help deter intrusions, misuse, computer fraud, and industrial espionage. We offer attention on security and an emphasis on teaming, while maintaining sensitivity to your business goals.  We can help you implement, manage, and maintain security solutions. We can also provide the appropriate level of training to ensure that your security strategy is made part of your organizational culture.


Our cyber approach is forward thinking--we focus on the comprehensive solution to enhance the protection of your data, intellectual property, and systems.  We create the highest level of enhanced security for our client through a broad intelligence approach, individually customized for each client.   

We begin with a needs basis, then we continue on and move to examine and assess the client corporate structure, business functions, processes, and finally the IT systems.  This methodical exam is the critical foundation for creating optimal security to protect critical data assets within the corporate structure.  Our technical solution is customized for each clients need but incorporates these critical elements:  automated, link analysis, aggregation, trending, visualization, and a real-time scoring system to evaluate how system administrators or security professionals respond to real-world vulnerability remediation and hacker attacks. 

Your people are your most valuable asset in securing your information. Train staff and secure your organization from within!



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