Filly Intel will solve complex problems with a simplified solution.  Our ability is to frame complex problems, think creatively, find logical solutions and develop a functional plan.

Refined skills include the cognitive processes of analysis, comparison, inference and interpretation, evaluation, and synthesis applied to a wide range of domains and problem-solving contexts. However, the basic skills of leadership, personal interaction, collaboration, and teamwork continue to provide effective methods for reaching solutions.

We can deploy personnel with unique backgrounds and experience unlike the others…to maintain and operate cutting edge technologies in hostile environments. 

OCONUS personnel consist of aeronautical engineers, network engineers, cyber security, imagery analysts, and intelligence analysts.

FI analysts provide mission support which consists of geo-political analysis, risk mitigation, cyber, import/export security, and sensor operations. Our personnel have a diverse amount of experience with sensors including EO/IR, high resolution EO mapping, hyper-spectral imagers (HSI), multispectral imagers (MSI), synthetic aperture radars (SARs), and SIGINT sensor suites.


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