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  • Integrating information dynamically from distributed services and unmanned platforms
  • Real-time or Near-real-time
  • Higher collection resolution and data quality
  • Layered collection sets provides improved clarity and information 

Fusion is not a conventional company we are a disruptive technology intending to provide new means of data collection with greater mobility and resolution.  We operate differently—we apply the traditional values our people stand by to our innovative technologically advanced operations. 

Our leadership team upholds our mission, business, clients, and team members to the highest level of safety and integrity.  We abide by a zero-tolerance integrity standard and will stand by this mantra through our future growth to a public company. 

Our mission is available in greater detail throughout our white papers and planning documents.  We encourage you to carefully read this information.  We optimize for the long-term rather than trying to produce quick smooth earnings in each early quarter.  We support selected high-risk, high-reward projects and manage our portfolio of projects.  We will run the company collaboratively with Summer, our CEO, as a team of three.  We are conscious of our duty as fiduciaries for our shareholders, and we will fulfill those responsibilities.  We will continue to strive to attract creative, committed new employees, and we will welcome support from new shareholders.  We will live up to our “do the right thing” principle by respecting privacy, laws of the country we operate within, guidelines of safety being paramount for each mission, and keeping user trust. 

We have a dual class structure that is biased toward stability and independence and requires investors to be on the team.

Filly Intelligence has diverse expertise in data collections, information systems from the development to the implementation, and operations of Processing, Exploitation& Dissemination (PED) Centers.  This capability covers the full spectrum of information processing and C4ISR in operations. Filly professionals are leaders in the ISR field and possess a track record of accomplishments.



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