“You want a veteran because you want the impossible done—you take a team of prior service members and deal out to them any problem and they solve the problem—because that’s just what they do—they find solutions. 
If you find a veteran that fit’s the skill set—do the work to lock in the veteran—because they will fully give to the corporation just like they give to their country.”


Who We Are

Serving Our Clients Like We Served Our Country

afghanistanWe apply an intelligence-based approach to our data collection technology and digital security solutions. This approach leverages our vast operational experience in the intelligence field and gives us a distinct perspective on effective capabilities and processes, we in turn offer this knowledge to our client.

Our professionals solve complex problems and achieve excellence for our clients through critical thinking, logic, and leadership.

With unrivalled ethics, Filly Intel remains free from perceived conflicts of interest. Our commitment to complete objectivity in our services is exemplary of our professional accountability.  We are experienced veterans who served in various US military roles at the highest levels of responsibility, leading plans and operations for the DoD’s most sensitive programs.  







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